Cultural Dysphoria & Xenophobia in Child Adoption.

Well, Adoptees Have Had Enough!

Shane Bouel
6 min readOct 6, 2022
Cultural Dysphoria & Xenophobia in Child Adoption. Well, Adoptees Have Had Enough!
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Do You Believe me?

What if I told you that adoption and its practices are traumatic?

What if I told you, Cultural Dysphoria & Xenophobia in Child Adoption is a deep-seated problem that has become so common that many people don’t even realise they are a direct part of it? It’s a default subconscious expression by society in general.

As Technology develops, we are at risk of being left further behind.

In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and how it will change our world. But what about those who will be left behind because the AI learning models just haven’t been trained to look in the right areas to uphold human rights in the form of equality, inclusivity, diversity & identity? A lot of adoptees feel like they don’t have a voice when it comes to these or even their own social issues because they have been silenced by a societal misinterpretation of what adoption really is. The proof of this is in the results of auto-generated AI content. Like you, it simply does not correctly reflect the understanding of the adoptee’s lifelong experiences.

How did this “Social Experiment” develop?

Somewhere there was a conscious political and religious effort to build a negative public consciousness towards young mothers and force/coerce them into abandoning their children. Through the creation of purposeful bigotry and misinformation, the narrative grew, surrounding vulnerable mothers for the specific purpose of stealing their babies for those who falsely believe they were/are better. See Forced Adoption and the Baby Scoop Era.

This movement of cultural genocide is continually backed by the denial of reputable science and the false belief that, culture, biology, and Identity, and does not account for anything even within the same race of the adopters. Don’t get me wrong the science is there, it’s just that adoptees are not afforded the benefit of it due to a social dysphoric denial of their trauma. All social groups and structures continue to use dysphoria as means of control of the developing spirit of the baby through intense marginalisation brought on by greed, domination and control. The creation of ongoing dedicated social and media campaigns ensures the spread of misinformation in the guise of altruism.

The Enforcement of The Blank Slate Theory

Governments and Religions brainwash prospective adoptive parents into believing this theory. Extinguishing the fire within and the origins of the very thing that makes the child the child. The adoption industry is built on lies, secrecy and coercion. In truth, Adoption has always been for the parent’s wants not the child’s needs regardless of your opinions or denial.

Adoptees wish to be whole after the slow painful erasure of self.

Where does this road lead after these traumas have already created irreparable damage? As an adoptee, I have not been given the appropriate location or space to put down and deal with any or all of my grief. There simply isn’t a place for it in society or even within the adoptive family construct.

The return to source/self through reunion.

How do you reconnect to a culture, a family microcosm you previously have had no knowledge of? What senses and emotional intelligence did the child miss out on developing and what new ones are created that normal humans will not have the pleasure of experiencing? So why block the Child’s access to healing or even more importantly remove the child in the first instance?

What we are left with is a legacy for healing our broken minds and bodies.

What if I told you that those who have been through it often struggle with post-adoption issues like depression, anxiety, and even suicide?

Would you believe me then?

The only way that I can explain it is that it feels like I’m being ripped apart from the inside out. It’s not just the physical pain of being cut off from family, but also the emotional pain.

This is because when you are adopted, you don’t feel like you’re supposed to be anywhere. You’re told that you don’t belong and that your life isn’t worth anything because you weren’t born into the family’s bloodline. However, there are people out there who are fighting for adoptees' rights to be heard — people like me who were adopted themselves and know firsthand how hard it can be to find your place in society when you’re told you don’t belong.

You Want Proof!

Take a good look at the results from Paul Brian Tovey’s Lay survey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022DOWNLOAD

In your opinion as an Adoptee was your Adoption good enough for your needs? — In this first tranche of information its fairly obvious that many : 203 did not experience Adoption as good enough for their needs . On total numbers here = 303 (with one missing) 203 represents 66% of respondents ..17.5 % said “Yes” and 15.5% were “Don’t Knows”
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Are you a Trans-racial Adoptee? — Please note : That TRA report-back combined in fact with citizen-ship matters is already planned as second tranche report-back. This first report-back here is a fast feedback and important t obtain some degree of confidence from the Adoptees that did the survey .
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Were you emotionally abused inside your Adoption experience? — 216 (71%) are showing a shocking rate of emotional abuse. The comment boxes after this question were full of comments and will necessitate doing yet another report-back on the damages shown by others after accidental identifiers are screened out. The comment boxes qualifying this one question, gave : 233 comments. The sheer bulk of them means screening them and giving samples once fully anonymised
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Were you physically abused inside your Adoptee experience? — 131 (43%) Were physically abused. 48% were not. 143 comments were made in the
 comment boxes and once again those need to be screened for accidental identifiers and then sampled to be combined into a report-back of all abuses. There was a lot beatings on children in the past and cruelty done as “discipline “ of the time. Some comments were more extreme. So far here we have the two questions of child abuses dis-aggregating “abuses”.
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Did Adoption itself, cause for you any lasting mental ill health distresses? — We had started off in fig. 4, seeing 66% (203) of respondents in this survey (mainly female) who said Adoption was not good enough for their needs. Only 17.5% (53) of respondents said it was. If we are testing whether or not Adoption is a good enough design for them, then this fig 9, chart of 84% (254) causing mental ill health distresses is quite an underlining that it is not.
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
As an Adoptee did Adoption cause any alcoholism, eating disorders, self harm or addictions? — We have 199 Adoptees, nearly 66% who self attributed that Adoption caused them either alcoholism, eating disorders , self harms , addictions.. 23% (69) had none. Were any treated in Hospitals for problems with mental ill health effects ?
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Did you ever feel suicidal because of your experiences of Adoption? — These figures are high for feelings of suicidality at 63% (192) set against 28% (86) that had no such feelings.
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Did you ever attempt suicide because of your experiences of Adoption? — Is there a link between the nature of all then abuses and suicides? The comment box additional details show quite appalling stories and it’s not
 therefore surprising that some Adoptees have not wished to have been inside life. Was there any form of therapeutic/counselling help for your feelings as an Adoptee? In fig.14. below some 26 % (79) did receive some help, but that is likely to have been private.
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Have there been any outreach State-based Post Adoption Services made available to help you ? — It seems clear that within the nature of some of the accompanying condition of being a  “Global” Adoptee, which Governments at many levels approve of legally, there are poo  levels of provisions for State help. 245 (81%) Adoptees in this 2022 survey responded there was no State outreaching helpful post adoption services.
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Did you ever feel loss of self or identity as an Adoptee inside your experience of Adoption? — 282 (93%) answered they felt loss of identity . The comment box that came after this bar charted question to ask Adoptees about how they experienced this loss of identity was 14 pages long. 256 comments . That was huge for one answer. A survey in itself in fact; like so many questions qualified by Adoptees in comments in this survey.
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Would you like to see Adoptees gain new rights at all in Adoption Law Reform terms? — A summary below of the associated comments in Fig. 18 from respondents showed the directions of “reform-travel”. Another larger report-back will be done on this question as indeed with other bar-charts that enabled comments afterwards and respondents to give their experience and/or views. “The Ability to obtain original birth certificate no later than 18 regardless of adoptive family permissions”
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Would you like to see Annulment and Revocation (Ending) Adoptions by Adoptees eased by a simple lower court process, using a no fault basis, and fees that are inexpensive? — We knew in the UK there had been talk of Annulment/ Revocation in the online varieties of Adoptee communities but the Global survey figures here do aid where the direction of travel is going in wanted reform terms. 221 respondents (73%) are giving a clear indication.
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022
Some Adoptees want Adoption “abolished” and changed to “Guardianship Orders” which preserves legal birth identity, birth information, and does not make it secret as a rule, nor severs original kinship ties. Is this something you would want ? — 77% (223) of Adoptee respondents wanted a better way than Adoption with all it’s regalia of lost identity , mental ill health distresses — potential suicidality — various child abuse risks. Is it any wonder they answered mostly this way ?
Paul Brian Trovey — First-Summary-Reportback-1-Global-Anon-Adoptee-Survey-2022


It’s hard to care about others knowing nobody cares about you.

It is widely assumed that people have a moral right to procreate. What this comes down to is the allocation of privilege and who is entitled to remain within there.

Our views are concerned with the risks and harms of life that procreation imposes on non-consenting children.

Adoptees are perpetually treated as children even when they are adults. We are forced into a contract from birth we never consented to. We are issued with a false government identity after our first is destroyed and these records are locked. This second “birth certificate” even states our adoptive parents gave birth to us!

What more proof do you need to see that the system is toxic?

The Adoptee argument here is that the trauma created by adoption far exceeds the benefits it supposidy creates, which is then backed by a biased, subconsciously and overtly coersive system, both emotionally and legally!

“When all is said and done. We are all just walking each other home.”
Ram Dass

Why are people intentionally leading infants down the wrong path?



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