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The sole purpose of Thoughtless Delineation is to lift standards of ethics & morality by promoting truth and denouncing the Conservancy of inhumane ideologies.

Have you ever heard of the term…“You are where you’re supposed to be”?

Quantum superposition theory on the experience of adoption

Harlow’s Monkeys

Above: ‘Scène du massacre des Innocents’ Léon Cogniet [Public domain]

Adoption is not a perfect solution…

You see as an adoptee travels through the stages in their lives there are changes that develop.

As an adult adoptee and clinical mental health counsellor, I’d like to share some advice that I hope you will consider with an open heart and mind.

Yes, it’s far worse than you think!

Adoptees are experts in looking for something that isn’t there.

I’m talking search engine ethics and lack of morality. It’s pretty simple really, Human Rights aren’t profitable.

Did you know “Adoption” of Cryptocurrency outranks, child “Adoption”?

Thoughtless Delineation

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